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Celebrating Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

March is a time of reflection and celebration as we honor Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. At Leading Home Care, we’re deeply committed to providing compassionate care and support to individuals of all ages living with developmental disabilities. We understand the unique challenges they face, and we’re here to empower them to realize their full potential. […]

Top Holiday Activities for Caregivers and their Clients


  Now that the Christmas season is here, it’s time to fill our days with the holiday spirit! And what better way to start than by sharing ways to spend time with those you care about during this time of year through holiday activities? Our team at Leading Home Care wants the Christmas season to […]

Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout


When hearing the word caregiver, what comes to mind?  Maybe you think of words like hard-working, selfless, and provider. That is because these traits, along with many others, are found within the wonderful individuals we call caregivers. However, we do not emphasize often enough that constantly caring for others while ignoring yourself can negatively impact […]

Signs of Caregiver Burnout


Caregivers play an essential role at Leading Home Care and other in-home care companies. These selfless individuals work tirelessly to ensure every client is cared for and comfortable. However, caregivers often get rundown from giving so much of themselves to their job. This can lead to mental and physical struggles known as caregiver burnout.  While […]