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What are the Differences Between Home Care and Nursing Homes?

When the time comes to seek out assistance for an aging loved one, individuals often find themselves choosing between in-home care services and nursing homes. These are two options that, at face value, seem to be offering very similar services. However, if you look a bit closer, there are many differences between in-home care services and nursing homes. 

Maybe you are finding yourself needing to make this decision for someone in your own life. If so, remember that you need to understand the differences mentioned above to make the right decision for your elderly loved one.  At Leading Home Care, we know that searching for information can be tiresome, and we want to help take some of that stress off of your shoulders. So, we have compiled a list of the most significant differences between in-home care services and nursing homes.


Understanding the Differences 

Below are the three main differences between nursing homes and in-home care services.


1.  Who is My Loved One’s Caregiver?

In nursing home settings, one-on-one service is not an option. With such a high number of people living in these facilities, the caregivers and nurses must assist multiple individuals each shift. This means that your elderly loved one will have many different people helping them with their needs. Additionally, this means that you, as a family member, may not always know who is caring for your loved one. 

With in-home care, one-on-one service is promised. Because caregivers go to their clients’ homes to care for them, they can give these aging individuals their undivided attention. This allows clients and caregivers to build strong relationships, which are vital to the well-being of your loved one. With most in-home care companies, like Leading Home Care, you are even allowed to choose a caregiver who best suits the needs of your loved one. This ensures that both you and your loved one can feel at peace knowing they are getting the high-quality service they deserve


2. Can My Loved One’s Care Be Customized to Their Needs?

While not impossible, it is difficult for nursing homes to offer completely customized care plans to the elderly individuals they serve. This is primarily due to the large number of people being cared for in these facilities. Nursing homes don’t have the staff needed to give personalized care to every resident. 

 With in-home care services, you are guaranteed to have a customized care plan for your loved one put in place from day one. The caregiver who works with your loved one will be focused entirely on providing the specific needs of your loved one, whether that includes preparing meals or simply playing a game of cards for some companionship.


3.  What Lifestyle Does Each Offer My Loved One?


At a nursing home, your loved one will have to adjust to some significant changes. When an elderly individual moves into a nursing home, they lose the familiarity that their home provided. This can be confusing for them, and it may take some time to get accustomed to the change. Another big change that comes with nursing homes is getting used to living in a group environment. Some rooms in nursing homes are only semi-private, meaning two people live in the room separated by a curtain. If your aging loved one has been living alone for some time, this can be a huge adjustment. The other main change that comes with moving your loved one into a nursing home is a loss of independence. When living in a nursing home, your loved one will not have the freedoms that they’ve become accustomed to at their own homes. 

 With in-home care services, your loved one immediately benefits from the ability to remain in an environment that is familiar to them. This allows them to keep as much of their life constant as possible. Additionally, the caregiver who assists your loved one always aims to help them remain safely independent and remind them that they still have control in their life.


Making an Informed Decision

The decision of how to best help your aging loved one is never an easy one to make. However, when equipped with all the necessary information, you can have peace knowing you are making a thoughtful choice. 

If you are considering in-home care and would like to know more about the specific services provided, contact a member of our team at Leading Home Care. We are always happy to answer your questions and help to put your mind at ease. Visit our locations page to contact the Leading Home Care office closest to you.

We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to our family!


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