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25 Years as Part of Your Family: A Talk with Leading Home Care’s Founder

Looking back to 1997, Josette Rovira Smalling is in awe of how far Leading Home Care has come. What began as one woman’s venture to follow a dream of helping people has grown into a statewide company that brings in-home care services to countless individuals each day. As Josette shared,

“It’s amazing that 25 years have gone by, and Leading Home Care has turned into the place it has turned into. I never thought of myself as someone who was going to be successful. That wasn’t my goal when I started the company. I simply wanted to follow my passion for helping those with special needs and make enough money to raise my daughter.”

However, even when you have a good plan, building a company from the ground up takes a lot of determination and hard work. It was no different for Josette, “I did it all – opening the company and hiring and training people. I worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – it was nonstop. It took dedication, but I’ve also been blessed in the way that I’ve succeeded. I love what I do. I love this business. It brings me joy to see other people happy.”

The Story of Leading Home Care

To bring you inside what it truly means to reach this anniversary year for the company, here is the company’s story from Josette herself. 

“The past 25 years have been wonderful because of our clients. These years have been focused on allowing each individual we care for to grow and thrive in their lives. It’s not about us; it’s about them. Our clients are the main focus each and every day.

When people ask me about Leading Home Care and what we do, I always say, ‘we’re a mother to a lot of people.’ I was given the gift of being a good mother, so offering that to people, especially those who don’t have a family connection, was very easy for me to fall in love with. Many of our clients survive because of what we do for them, while many others have wonderful parents who we assist in making their lives better. In both situations, providing these services in the home makes all the difference.

In-home care is important because it’s one-on-one care that is individualized for each specific person. Each client has their own care plan designed to help them meet the goals that are important to them. A caregiver assists them anytime they need, and they are never neglected. We make sure their medicines are given on time and that they’re hydrated and fed. But the most important thing we do is help them become mainstreamed into society. We never make them feel like they have a sitter with them because making sure they know they are whole as an individual is so valuable.

Our goal is to see how far we can bring our clients. They have the same needs as you and I – relationships, the need to go on recreational outings, the need to grow up and move out of their family’s home and into their own apartment. The most amazing stories are when you see the growth that happens when clients move out on their own, and our caregiver becomes their best friend. The beauty is that so much happens from the moment they start with us, and each year you see more and more of these individuals making wonderful changes. I’ve had situations where people have told me, ‘Don’t take that client,’ and all that client needed was somebody to love and trust. 

When a client trusts someone, their whole demeanor and ability to grow change. A lot of these people just need to be loved, and Leading Home Care offers them that. 

I’m so grateful for 25 wonderful years of working with people that are just unbelievable. They are the ones that make Leading Home Care what it is. To be in this field, you have to have a special heart that overflows with patience and compassion for others, and every person on our team can be described in this way. I’m incredibly proud of the people that work for me. 

Leading Home Care is truly a family made up of workers and clients. So, the more people you add to the family, the happier the family is. We are always excited to see growth for our company, whether that is the addition of a new worker or a new client. Our satellite offices have also been a wonderful extension, allowing our employees and clients to have closer points of contact across the state. 

And in looking back through all the changes, I can say that making it to the 25th year is amazing, and each year has been special. However, I don’t think of the years as much as the number of people we have cared for and made happy. Because it’s not about us, it’s about the people we impact, hopefully in a positive way. That’s how Leading Home Care will always function. 

So, maybe I’ve been successful, but I didn’t do it by myself. It has taken a lot of good people working together and giving 100 percent to make our company what it is today.  

Leading Home Care, every one of our workers, and each beautiful client have blessed me with unmeasurable joy. Thank you for 25 outstanding years of allowing us to be part of your families.”

Continuously Caring for You

After years of growth and change, Leading Home Care is stronger than ever as we push forward on our mission to change lives and help our clients maintain their independence at home. Let us become part of your family by contacting your local Leading Home Care office to learn more. 

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