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Leading the Community: One Backpack at a Time

What do you think of when asked what is most important for a company? Is it the company’s size or the product or service they provide? Is it their location? 

If you ask us, it is the relationship a company builds with the community they serve. At Leading Home Care, we understand that our company is stronger with the support of the communities around us. 

But this begs the question of how does a company gain this support? Community relationships cannot be bought or won – they are earned. Anyone can say the right things and make promises, but you must act if you want to create long-lasting, reliable connections. 

The Leading Home Care team believes in setting an example for all who look up to us. We believe in getting to know the members of our communities and making every effort to give back to those in need. We actively search for opportunities to positively impact the lives of those around us, and the start of the school year was a perfect opening! 

The finances involved in getting all the necessary supplies for the start of the school year can be a heavy burden. So, to lessen that stress, Leading Home Care came together to purchase over 1,000 backpacks and various school supplies to fill them. Then, our team members volunteered time to prepare the backpacks for a giveaway that spanned our employees and two nonprofit organizations near and dear to our hearts. 

Giving Back At Home

We believe our relationship with the community is directly connected to our relationship with our employees. Therefore, we live up to our reputation by treating our employees respectfully and expressing gratitude for everything they do. 

Giving Back in the Community

Across all the areas we serve, we have connected with countless organizations doing incredible things for the people of Louisiana. And while our goal is to one day give back to all of them in some fashion, for this giveaway, we chose two children-focused nonprofits that we have come to know and love. 



Our DSWs

The Direct Service Workers (DSWs) at Leading Home Care are the caregivers who make our company a success. These individuals show up to their clients’ homes daily to give them the best lives possible by meeting every need, providing a helping hand, and even sometimes simply being a friend. Every one of our DSWs is a source of positivity and love for clients and our company. With them, we know the future is bright. 

These wonderful people do it all, and we jump at any chance to show how much we appreciate them. And, seeing as many of our DSWs have families of their own, we thought it would be best to give a gift that helps them as well. 

We sent out stuffed backpacks to each of our nine offices and invited our DSWs to go by and pick up a backpack for each of their children starting school soon. Our goal was to give them peace of mind in knowing their children are fully prepared for the new school year. 


Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana is a nonprofit organization that provides trustworthy guidance and companionship to children during their most impressionable years. The impact they’ve made over the years and continue to make now in the lives of the children and families they impact is indescribable. 

To support their mission of providing a better life and future for the children they work with, we dropped off stuffed school backpacks for them to hand out to make starting the school year a breeze! 

Healing House

Healing House can be described as a safe haven for children in Acadiana who are grieving the death of someone significant to them. The wonderful people within this organization work to make life bearable during the worst times. To help further alleviate the potential burdens of the families they support, we supplied stuffed school backpacks for the children in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year.

Looking Forward

Through events like our backpack giveaway, we have the opportunity to make small positive impacts on people that combine to create a more beautiful future for everyone. And now, our team at Leading Home Care encourages you to find one small way to show kindness to someone each day because that’s how we change the world. 

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