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Spreading Joy through the Airwaves: The Inspiring Story of DJ Weirdo and DJ Happy Feet

Celebrating Coby and Chase: Radio Broadcasters Extraordinaire!

In honor of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, Leading Home Care is thrilled to spotlight two incredible individuals who are breaking barriers and spreading joy through the airwaves. Meet Chase and Coby, affectionately known as DJ Weirdo and DJ Happy Feet, the dynamic duo behind the sensational radio station, K-Twins 107.7.

Their journey into the world of broadcasting began at a young age, fueled by their admiration for 101.1 KBON, a beloved local Lafayette radio station. Inspired by the magic of radio, Chase and Coby embarked on their own broadcasting adventure, launching K-Twins 107.7 on Zeno Radio.

What sets K-Twins apart is its diverse playlist, spanning across genres such as country, zydeco, cajun, and jazz. With their infectious enthusiasm, DJ Weirdo and DJ Happy Feet keep listeners grooving and engaged, whether it’s playing their favorite tunes or delivering local news and weather updates.

One of the highlights of their broadcast week is the “Louisiana Bon Temps Saturday Night” segment, where the duo goes live with an electrifying mix of Cajun tunes, capturing the essence of Louisiana’s vibrant music scene. On Sundays, they pivot to a different beat with a Gospel segment, spreading the uplifting message of faith and love to their dedicated audience.

But K-Twins isn’t just about music; it’s a platform for community engagement and celebration. Chase and Coby love connecting with their listeners, offering personalized shoutouts for birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. You can even reach out to them directly at (337) 873-1536 to get featured on their station!

In their quest to enrich the airwaves, Chase and Coby welcome guest DJs and interviews, inviting others to share their stories and talents on their platform. Whether you’re a seasoned DJ or an aspiring broadcaster, K-Twins offers a welcoming space to connect and collaborate.

Beyond the studio, Chase and Coby are passionate about giving back to their community. They eagerly participate in various events alongside Leading Home Care, spreading joy and positivity wherever they go.

As K-Twins 107.7 celebrates its one-year anniversary on May 29th, let’s raise our voices in applause for DJ Weirdo and DJ Happy Feet. Their unwavering dedication, infectious energy, and commitment to inclusivity serve as an inspiration to us all. Here’s to many more years of music, laughter, and community building with Chase and Coby at the helm!

Connect with DJ Weirdo and DJ Happy Feet on their Facebook page and tune in to their broadcasts on K-Twins 107.7 to join the fun and celebrate the spirit of inclusion and joy!

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