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What is Companionship and Why is it Important?


A companion can be a friend who always stands by your side, a life partner, a family member, or even an in-home caregiver. Companionship is a relationship that is built through spending time with a companion. When brought down to the most basic level, companionship services supply people with the little comforts of everyday life, […]

Top Holiday Activities for Caregivers and their Clients


  Now that the Christmas season is here, it’s time to fill our days with the holiday spirit! And what better way to start than by sharing ways to spend time with those you care about during this time of year through holiday activities? Our team at Leading Home Care wants the Christmas season to […]

Spooktacular Activities Everyone Can Enjoy for Halloween


This is the time of year when creativity gets to shine! Halloween is a celebration that allows us all to dress up and be anything we’d like, if only for a little while. It’s a celebration of imagination and individuality that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy.   We understand that sometimes disabilities can feel […]