The Rise of Home Health Care in 2017

Home health care agencies have a bright future ahead according to Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Health Group.

Their vice president for Data, Research and Quality, Robert Rosati, forecasts that Medicare disbursements and population growth will fuel coming changes. The change looks substantial, as the home health field experienced notable growth starting in 2005 and eventually expanded into 15,000 national providers. While seniors over the age of 65 make up the largest Medicare-aided home health care segment, disabled adults and seniors over 85 each represent approximately 15% of the group.

Helping a Growing Client Base
Home health services help low mobility patients transition from hospital to home-based recovery, primarily aiding high-risk, chronically ill clients by allowing them to “age in place” while continuing to receive treatments. Cognitively impaired and ADL-challenged patients benefit most from the service.

Under new Medicare regulations, home health agencies must focus on the outcomes that legislators believe offer value. As a discipline, the home health field must rally to establish objectives that reduce waste, provide utility and maintain the critical nuances that serve the needs of patients who are as unique as their locales.

With shorter hospital stays increasingly accepted as the norm, home health agencies provide value through extended care, while focusing on patient outcomes. Beneficiaries receive home care coverage for 60 days, adjusted and based on treatment costs and cost of living, with renewals only if needed. This contrasts with office visits, which insurers only authorize for five to 10 visits.

Incidentally, unskilled services, while not covered by Medicare, also help patients stay at home longer when recovering from certain conditions. Because of this, insurers and wellness advocates will continue to pursue home health care as an alternative to primary care, while the United States medical field adjusts to epic reforms and navigates through changing legislation.

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