St. Pierre’s Center for the Arts

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Leading Health Care is the only Home and Community Based Provider in Louisiana that offers art and music therapy for its clients. LHCL founded its Center for the Arts in Lafayette to improve the quality of life for individuals through art and music therapy. Therapy improves a person's physical, mental, and emotional well-being while enhancing fine/gross motor skills, cognitive function, and socialization skills. Our clients have the opportunity to participate in community activities such as festivals and gallery exhibitions through a partnership with Acadiana Center for the Arts. It's one of the many ways Leading Health Care fulfills its mission of 'making a lasting contribution to society by helping people live a better life.'
St. Pierre's Store Front. Louisiana Leading Choice for In-home Senior and Disability Care
Located at 118 W. Vermilion St. Lafayette, St. Pierre's Center for the Arts is an amazing part of the Leading Health Care family!

Sarah Melancon

Art Teacher

Phone: 888-569-9111 or 337-236-9111