Meet Our Team

Matt Rovira
Chief Executive Officer

Blake Theriot
Chief Operating Officer / President

Ken Smalling
Chief Strategy Officer

Jennifer Bodin
Vice President of Client Care

Yvette Guidry
Director of Finance

Lea Boudreaux
Director of Human Resources

Julie Guilliot
Marketing Director

Tim Costello
Executive Vice President

Regional Leadership

Stuart Sayes
Southeast Area Director,
Regions 2, 3 & 9

Wendy Gonsoulin
Director of Developmentally Disabled Care,
Region 4

Calisa Desselle
Assistant Director,
Region 4

Farah Cormier
Director of Senior Care,
Region 4

Courtney Citizen
Opelousas Branch Manager,
Region 4

Shannon Rider
Regional Director,
Region 5

Rhonda Broussard
Assistant Director,
Region 5

Roger Bradford
Assistant Director,
Region 6