Home – The Best Place for Health Care

//Home – The Best Place for Health Care

Home – The Best Place for Health Care

Just about everyone agrees: the home is the best setting for providing health care to increasing numbers of patients.  In home care  can be provided less expensively in the home.  Evidence suggests that home care is a key step toward achieving optimal health outcomes for many patients. Studies show that home care interventions can improve quality of care.  Home care also reduces hospitalizations due to chronic conditions or adverse events.

An Overview of Home Health Care

In the United States, the home care industry serves about 8.6 million patients, with needs ranging along a continuum that includes primary care, pre-acute care intervention, post-acute care services and hospice and palliative care. More than 1 million home
health care and hospice employees serve these patients, as well as a home care equipment and services sector with another 250,000 employees.

To achieve optimal health outcomes for patients, home care providers must collaborate increasingly with numerous different people.  For example hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, pharmacies and other providers as patients transition to and from these various care settings. Evidence shows that seamless communication, transitions and coordination among providers can improve patient outcomes.


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