In Home Care for the Developmentally Disabled

We serve individuals needing assistance with daily living skills, medical appointments and community activities through the following:

Why Choose Leading Health Care?

  • We have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs
  • LHCL has exceeded the requirements of the Dept. of Health and Hospitals by hiring skilled office staff with over 100 years combined professional experience
  • We are professional & personal
  • We understand the importance of our jobs and are always available to listen to your needs and concerns in a caring and professional manner
  • All employees are certified through the DSW registry
  • Employees are required to have 16 hours of annual training
  • Opportunity to interview caregiver to ensure compatibility

Experience Includes:

  • Rehabilitation and Nursing
  • Psychology & Mental Health
  • Health Care Management
  • Special Education
  • Behavior & Case Management
  • Certified CPR/First Aid Instructors